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Designing a solution to help women  track their own period journey and form a community with Care+ users

My Responsibilities


Problem Statement, Data Collection, Data Analysis, Ideation, Research, UI Design, Testing, Wireframing, Prototyping, Heuristic Evaluation, Geurilla Usability Testing

Individual semester class project under Prof. Sunyoung Kim

(Sept 2022 - Dec 2022)

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Figma, Procreate, Miro, Canva

Project Overview

Project Overview



UX/ UI Designer


Design a new period app integrating social features to connect with Care+ users


Design a period app for women to track, share, and learn about their period journey


  • Many women do not have a support system to learn, understand, and confide in their period issues.

  • Period stigma, loneliness, and lack of period education are common problems that are not properly addressed.

Data Collecton & Analysis


📝 Sample Interview Questions

In the first step of collecting data, I brainstormed different questions before interviewing the participants. I crafted around 20 questions, and the main topics are productivity, health/wellness, and relationships. Here are some sample questions:


  • How do other people react when they know you have your period?

  •  What do you think your relationships would look like if you never had periods?

  • How often do you talk about your period issues to your friends/family members?


  • Has your menstrual/period cycle changed throughout the years?

  • Are there methods you use to relieve and decrease period pain?

  •  How often do you exercise while you have your period?

  • Does your diet change while you have your period?


  • Are you usually able to get your daily work done while having your period?

  • Does your period change your daily routine?

📝 Survey

Next, I created a list of survey questions to collect data from a large pool of people. I crafted 20 questions, and instead of sending the survey to the same 3 young women I interviewed, I sent it to 12 different women in different age groups. Here are some sample survey questions + results.

Care+ Presentation (8).png

 Survey Summary

  • 12 people completed the survey

  • 20 questions provided

  • Mixed results were the most surprising

  • Each individual has different needs and perspectives on menstruation

Default Report Summary

  • 12 people completed the survey

  • 20 questions provided

  • Mixed results were the most surprising

  • Each individual has different needs and perspectives on menstruation

🗂️ Affinity Diagram

Next, I revisited the questions I asked my housemates, and extracted meaningful information from my interviews, and sorted them into 3 groups (Each group is from each housemate).

Care+ Presentation (9).png

After, I divided the 3 groups into 6 categories (Productivity, Period Effects, Treatment, Period Changes, Age, App Opinions)

                                        Affinity Diagram Summary

While sorting out the post-it notes, it was interesting to see the similarities and differences of the three housemates I interviewed. The sorting process gave me a better perspective of menstruation.



👩🏻 Creating Personas

After gathering data, I had a better idea of who the target audience could be for potential Care+ users. I created personas of 2 young women, one who's a student, and another with a full-time job.

Anna Persona.png
Jasmine Persona.png

📝 Storyboarding

After creating the personas, I created the storyboards to illustrate how both women might use a period app in different scenarios. 

Prototype & Test


🖊️ Lo-Fi Wireframe Sketches

At this point, I started sketching different ideas for the layout of the app. Throughout creating the low-fidelity wireframes, I initially had the idea of splitting the app into 4 pages: Chat, Calendar, Track, and Reminder

care plus reminds.jpg
care plus tracking.PNG
care plus doctor appointment.PNG
care plus chat options.PNG

🖊️ Mid- Fidelity Wireframes

Taking the lo-fi wireframe sketches, I digitized them and added just enough information for users to be able to navigate through the pages and complete tasks I would present to them during usability testing.